My Philosophy of Food


Hi everyone,

Let’s face it. Everyone loves food. And I, personally, don’t think that’s a bad thing. My personal belief about food is that it is the best form of medicine. Food contains all the vital nutrients we need to consume on a daily basis; therefore, its use can not only be extremely benefitial to overall health, but also be a delicious aspect of life– one to be celebrated rather than regretted. The kind of food that offers the most nutritional benefit and the kind that I have come to love and embrace is whole food. In other words, food that the earth has naturally provided– vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, etc. I do not label myself with a particular title such as vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or raw foodist, but do have tremendous respect, support, and admiration for those who have embraced those lifestyle choices to better their wellness. I have created this blog in hopes to create an environment for people who have a passion for food benefitting overall health, wellness, and fitness.

I am not a licensed dietitian or nutritionist. I am simply a girl who has a passion for learning and exploring the benefits of whole foods.  I will try to post favorite and new recipes and converse with you all in a conversation about healthy food and lifestyle choices. I hope that you all will contribute your opinion and share any knowledge you might have about the subject!

On that note, I would just like to mention a few of my favorite blogs that have inspired me to create this one. This is just a short list condensed from the multitude that I have. If you haven’t already, check them out! They’re fantastic and inspiring resources for anyone living or trying to live a healthy life.

The Blonde Vegan

Nutrition Stripped

One Ingredient Chef

The Holistic Ingredient

Kimberly Snyder

Thank you to everyone who has read this and check back frequently for new recipes, stories, and inspiration!



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